About Hananiah Publishing

Welcome to Hananiah Publishing, LLC, founded by writer and authorpreneur Vanessa Laguerre. Formed in 2020, Hananiah Publishing exists to share great stories with the world and to instill a love of reading in others.

Great stories come in many different genres and forms, and because of that we aim to publish stories across many different genres and sub-genres in both fiction and non-fiction categories. 

Hananiah Publishing is dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusivity within books.

To help authors create an authentic and diverse cast of characters, we offer diversity reading services and a directory of diverse readers to help with author’s manuscripts.


There’s no such thing as a kid who hates reading. There are kids who love reading, and kids who are reading the wrong books. 

-James Patterson

Meet The Owner

Vanessa Laguerre is a writer, indie publisher, and authorpreneur. She writes YA fantasy, paranormal, and horror under the pen name Vanessa Marie as well as non-fiction books under the name Vanessa M. Laguerre. Vanessa began Hananiah Publishing not only as a way to fulfill a lifelong dream of publishing books, but also to help other authors take control of the creative process and publish the book of their dreams.

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