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Project Royals


A family full of secrets and lies, a murderer hidden within the palace court, and one girl with the power to save or destroy an entire kingdom.

Project Royals is a YA high fantasy novel filled with betrayals, secret affairs, and political intrigue. It has multiple point of views, and currently follows the perspectives of six main characters.

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The Azaïs Witches

All Becca ever wanted was the chance to find the demon that killed her parents and make them pay, but when a mysterious vamp comes into town and begins feeding on the locals her attention is pulled elsewhere.

Determined to find the vampire and stop them before they could hurt anyone else, Becca enlists the help of her best friends Ryan (a werewolf) and Andy (fellow witch), along with Charles, another vampire who seems determined to prove to Becca that he’s no threat.

As Becca gets closer to finding the killer, she’ll learn things about her parents death that could change her world forever.

The Azaïs Witches is a YA paranormal serial with witches, vampires, and werewolves. The first volume will consist of four episodes. 

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