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A Writer's guide to creating diverse characters: Disability

A Writer’s Guide to Creating Diverse Characters Disability


Should non-disabled writers create characters with disabilities? 

Short answer: maybe, but probably yes. 

Long answer: It depends. If you want to just throw in a disabled character in your story for “diversity points,” without taking the time to do proper research and write a well-written character, then you should just avoid writing this character. 

There are many harmful representations of disability in the media and in fiction writing. From killing off your disabled character to giving them a magical cure (don’t even get me started on season 4 of Arrow 😡, we will discuss this in the book), these tropes send a harmful message to your audience. As writers, I believe we have a responsibility to create meaningful characters that don’t add to the damaging messages about disability that we’ve gotten so far. 

That’s why I created this book. In A Writer’s Guide to Creating Diverse Characters: Disability, we’ll discuss different topics relating to disabled characters, such as ableism, relationships, tropes & stereotypes to avoid, and more. I’ll also share with you some helpful resources of where you can go to further your research.  

So if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves & put in the work and effort it will take to show a good representation of disabled characters, let’s get to writing.

Publication: July 27, 2021

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